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Dear visitor! Thank you for wandering in this tiny corner of Attractive Universe devoted to my photography. I am not a pro (here is what I do for money), but as most of us I do love to snap occasional picture when I see something beautiful and happen to carry a camera. My line of work forces :-} me to travel a lot, and photography is my way of getting to know places, and sharing this knowledge with my friends. My friends often tell me that my photos are great, but they are my friends, so I don't believe them. It's for you, accidental visitor, to decide if they are worth the bandwidth. Here is a small selection of my photos, I hope you'll enjoy them. Many more are displayed (and sold) on my website www.levtsimring.com. There you can also find my book of photography ``Through my eyes" recently published by DEKOM. See you there, and please drop me a line if you have any questions.

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