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Dear visitor, nice to meet you here at Attractive Universe! My name is Irina Danilova. For me, the world of photography is a world of magic, where things and people turn out to be quite different from their usual selves when looked at throughout the viewfinder. I started making black and white pictures with the simplest possible camera when I was a child. Most of the time they were randomly taken shots of trees and flowers, and occasionally of friends who happened to be nearby. During the last several years, I found myself restlessly hunting for ways to capture and reveal people's essence. I'm trying to catch them being silly or smiling, pretending to be someone or just being themselves. It turned out to be a very hard (all the time), but extremely rewarding (rarely) way to explore the fascinating universe of the human soul. I love people. They are sad at one moment and have fun at another (these moments are among my favorites). You can find some of my work at my personal page. Feel free to contact me with any questions and / or commentaries.

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