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Dear Guests, I would like to offer my gratitude for your interest in my works. A quick history of myself; for over half a century I have been inseparable from a camera, from the time my father gifted me my first camera as a first-grader to the present day. There were many cameras in my life, and to this day I keep true to those friendly old mechanical machines, with film, negative or slide. Although I must give due credit to the modern digital machines and post-processing software, the latter of which whose intricacies I have been seeking to master over the last several years. In all fairness digital post-production is unbeatable in attaining the pre-determined vision for the image. It will be my great honor if these photos find your favor or evoke an emotional response- this, after all, was the intention. I would also like to thank the AUC website for the opportunity to present my works. Please feel free to contact me with any comments or inquiries, my email is feleren@yahoo.com Thank you again for your interest, Felix Erenburg

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